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  • When choosing a skip there are various considerations which will impact what skip size and type is the most suitable, such as where you plant to place it and what you plan to put inside of it. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below or you can download our skip hire guide if you prefer, it contains many of the answers you might be after.

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    • Our skip hire questions

      What happens if I cancel the service?

      To cancel the service be call our office on 0330 6600832. When cancelling you will be given the option to either postpone or get a refund. Please note the refund is subject to a £30 cancellation fee.

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    • What happens if access prevents you dropping the skip on my property?

      It is your responsibility to keep access open. If your skip is to be placed on the road, please make sure you keep a suitable space clear for us.

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    • Do I need to be in when the service arrives?

      No as access is fine you do not need to be in. It is useful in this instance to mark where you want the skip or highlight where the rubbish to be collected.

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    • How high can I fill the skip?

      All skips must be filled to a level load at the top. Any overloading and it may result in us refusing to take the skip and charging you a wasted journey of £100.

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    • What happens if I need another skip?

      Call our office on 0330 6600832 and order an exchange. You just need to give your postcode, have your card details ready and we’ll do the rest for you. We should be able to exchange any skip within 48 hours.

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    • Can I get a my skip replaced with another one? As I have more stuff to get rid of

      Yes absolutely this is called an exchange. Please contact our office on 0330 660 0827 to arrange this.

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    • Man in a van questions

      What happens if I have more waste to be cleared than I order with the Man in a Van?

      Our driver will tell you when he has taken the amount that has been ordered. If there is more left to take you will be given the option to pay more to have it taken away too.

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    • What happens if it takes longer than 30 minutes for the man in a van team to load the waste?

      If the time limit is reached and there is much waste left you will be given the option of either paying more to spend longer having the waste cleared or we can leave the job with some waste left it is your choice.

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