London Calling: The Waste Away Town

London is calling. It's calling you &AMA Skip hire, together in this article, as the great expanses of our captial are examined against the waste they produce!
Posted on 21st November 2012

Work Starts on UK’s First Building Built Entirely From Waste

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. It's not even in the sky actually. It's a house made entirely of waste! Clever! Find out the details & what AMA thought inside!
Posted on 16th November 2012

Host of New AMA Websites Inbound, Live Now!

With the constant expansion of AMA Waste Group, this latest article explains their range of new sites that are now LIVE for your perusal.
Posted on 7th November 2012

A Fitting Refurbishment for the Retail Sector

If you were surprised at our reverence in the world of playgrounds, the big story broken last week, here's another surprise for you! Have a read of this latest post and learn how we're making retail therapy a reality!
Posted on 24th October 2012

Play by Play – How AMA Could Get You Outdoors Today

In today's post, AMA Skip Hire reveal how they have become market leaders in the manufacture of Playgrounds! If that sounds like a mistake to you, read on!
Posted on 17th October 2012