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    • Removing unwanted waste made easy

    With our man in a van waste collection service we load the waste for you. Our vans can take loads of up to 14-16 cubic yards and we can also take from as little as just one item.

  • What happens when I order a man in a van

  • When you choose our man in a van waste collection service your order goes through a simple 5 step process from ordering to the waste being recycled.

  • Step 1:

    Ordering your man in a van with us online.

    When ordering our man in a van waste collection service, our easy to use ordering system will help you decide what size collection you need. You will then have a few simple questions to answer, such as what date you would like the service. To then book the service you have to make a payment.

  • Step 2:

    Our man in a van will arrive at the location you desire

    In the next stage our van arrives at your address on the designated day with a one or two man team to load your waste. You can request a time, which we will aim for but we cannot guarantee it. Please make sure your waste is ready.

  • Step 3:

    Loading the waste into the van.

    On arrival our waste collection team will load the specified waste into the van. They will do this safely and efficiently.

  • Step 4:

    Your waste is taken away.

    After the rubbish collection vehicle has been loaded with all the waste. The van is driven back to a waste transfer station, where the waste is emptied and segregated into different waste streams.

  • Step 5:


    The waste is recycled. Each waste stream is taken to different recycling centres to be recycled. At least 98% of our waste is recycled.

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Find out the answers to the most frequently asked Man in a Van questions.

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    • Does the waste need to be bagged?

      No it doesn't. We do only have a set amount of time to load the waste, so if the waste is over a large area you may want to bag it to prevent being charged for excess loading time.

    • What happens to the waste after it is taken away?

      The waste is taken to a waste transfer station, where it segregated into different waste streams and then sent off to different recycling centres to be recycled where possible. Over 98% of our waste is recycled.

    • Does the waste need to be outside?

      No, the waste does not need to be outside. Providing you are happy for our trained professionals to enter your house and that the waste is in a safe place to access, we are happy to enter your house. Our team is always polite and smartly presented.

    • Should I hire a man in a van or a skip?

      The man in a van service is perfect for people who cannot load the skip. It is suitable for large bulky items and is ideeal for furniture, garage and garden clearances. The skip is more suitable if you want to store the waste on site as you load it.

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