Wheelie bins not being collected? Here’s why

Posted on 29th March 2018

One complaint we often hear from our residential customers is missed bin collections which can cause chaos particularly for those with large families. Sometimes it can be perplexing as to why your bins haven't been collected, especially when it seems your neighbours haven't had the same problem. Whilst local councils should provide you with a ticket stating why they haven't collected, it's worth knowing the circumstances that mean the bin men simply won't touch your waste.

Recycling contamination

If you're a bit lax with your waste separation, then your council have every right to not empty your recycling bins. This is because it will then potentially contaminate the entire load of rubbish already collected. In this day and age, there really is very little excuse for not knowing what is and isn't recyclable. The internet is awash with resources to educate yourself and your household. If your family are struggling, you can buy neat little stickers to go on your bin that list what is and what isn't recyclable. Make sure your little ones understand what the recycling bin is for and not to just throw anything in there.

Don't abuse your black bin

It's worth remembering that your black bin is designed for general household waste and that only. If you fill it with paint tins, rubble or other heavy duty waste, it will end up staying kerbside. It's tempting to fill it up with the remnants of your DIY project, but it's not worth it when you end up with a week's worth of rubbish lying around.

The same goes for overfilling it. If you can't close the lid then it's likely the bin will not be collected. In this situation, using a little bit of muscle to crush the waste down can work wonders!

Extra waste

If your bin is overflowing and you have too much waste to contain it, don't be tempted to leave extra refuse bags in the hope that these will be collected. It varies from council to council, but for most doing this will result in a fine. If you have an unusual amount of rubbish, just take it to the local rubbish tip, or store it until it can go in the next bin collection. If it's a regular issue, talk to your local council who may be able to arrange extra bins for you. It's also worth making sure that you're definitely recycling as much as possible, ensuring all recyclable items are in your green bin.

Fly tipping

Leaving bulky items such as sofas, mattresses, appliances or electricals is technically classed as fly tipping and the bin men will not collect it. Most councils will allow you to book a bulky waste collection at a cost, or alternatively many second hand shops will collect for free. You can also use a man in a van service who will collect and load any spare rubbish you have lying around.

If your household waste is getting out of control and you think you could use our man in a van rubbish collection service, call us now on 0330 660 0832 for an informal chat