What Happens To The Waste From Your Skip?

Posted on 29th March 2018

We all try our hardest to do our bit for the environment; we search the backs of food packaging in a vain attempt to see if it's recyclable and we traipse around after the kids turning lights off behind them. Unfortunately, if you're embarking on a construction or DIY project you'll be producing a lot of waste in a short amount of time and if you're working to a strict time schedule it's unlikely that recycling is going to be at the top of your list of priorities. Here at AMA Skip Hire we specialise in skip hire to help you dispose of your waste quickly and efficiently; so where does all the rubbish that you throw into your skip actually go? What happens to it?

Recycled Not Dumped

The biggest fear that many of us have when hiring skips is that all the waste that we put into them will just be taken straight to a landfill and dumped. Here at AMA Skip Hire we take recycling seriously and do everything we can to recycle as much of the waste from your skips as possible.

All skip hire companies will say that though, right? Exactly how much is as much as possible? Well at AMA Skip Hire we're not like other skip hire companies; we have recycling rates of over 80% (that's right over, not up to). We thoroughly sort through every item of waste in a skip and every piece of recyclable material is always recycled.

You might be thinking that all this recycling will mean that our prices are sky high to pay for people to sort through the rubbish but it's exactly the opposite; our high level of recycling means that our prices are extremely low. Our skips are available in a range of sizes and our exceptionally fast service and low prices means that you can get your project underway in no time. Why not visit our website for more information or contact us if you have any questions?