West London Based Skip Hire Companies for Your DIY Projects

Posted on 24th August 2012

Every DIY project you undertake seems like a brilliant idea when you start out; why spend all the money on flagging in a building company or landscape gardener to do the work and drink all of your tea when you can do the job by yourself? Well, that’s the theory anyway but a lot of us find that our passion for DIY is somewhat dampened when the work is constantly disrupted with the seemingly endless driving to and from the local tip to dispose of the astounding amount of waste that is produced. The question is: why do we continue to do this when here at AMA Skip Hire we have a solution in the form of skip hire in West London that will finally put an end to perpetual trips to the tip?

What Size Will You Need?

When we think about skips, the majority of us conjure images of the enormous skips that we see in construction sites and the image puts us off; you certainly don’t need a skip that size and it would be quite inconvenient to have such a large skip taking up a lot of space. You’re right, you probably won’t need a skip anywhere near that size and here at AMA Skip Hire we have a range of smaller skips that would fit your DIY needs perfectly. You can choose from:

-    4 YD: If it’s just a small project then our smaller 4 YD skips will be the ideal size for you.

-    6 YD: As your projects get bigger, you’ll need a bigger skip.

-    8 YD: Perfect if you’re undertaking a large job such as an extension; you may be surprised at how much waste you produce and this size could be just the thing you need.

-    12 YD: These are larger skips; they are not suitable for heavy waste such as soil and rubble, but if you’re disposing of large, bulky items then this is the skip you need.

Here at AMA Skip Hire we understand that every DIY project is different and as a result you’ll need a different sized skip; whatever the job, you’re sure to find your ideal waste disposal solution with us. Why not contact us or search our website for more information?