What to do with waste that can't go into skips

Posted on 28th March 2018

One of the biggest issues facing homeowners looking to renovate or clean their home and businesses looking for commercial skip hire, and yet the problem they most forget, is what can be done with waste not suitable for a skip.

What To Do With Waste That Can't Go Into Skips

The list of items that we, and many other skip providers, won't accept is fairly simple and understandable. The general rule is that nothing hazardous or toxic should be included, meaning that items like fridges, tyres and medical waste are a big no-no. Along with materials such as asbestos, paint, oil and pesticides. With all of these out of bounds, not to mention items that are simply too large or awkwardly shaped to fit into a skip, what are your options?

Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Hazardous and toxic waste is a broad term, covering a huge range of different materials, from the deadly to some actually not so harmful substances. What marks this sort of waste out is the potential damage that it can cause both to the workers and machines sorting through it, and also to the environment should it wind up in landfill.

At AMA Skip Hire, we offer a professional, secure hazardous waste disposal service. We work to the very latest government regulations on the disposal of hazardous waste, and operate teams of fully licenced experts right across the UK to remove your waste wherever you are, and at short notice. If you're not sure whether something counts as hazardous waste, just give our staff a call on 0845 4638 437 and we will help clear it up.

Paint of any kind is usually also regarded as hazardous waste, owing to the fact that an open tin will contaminate all the waste in a skip. Whilst AMA can dispose of paint, there are alternatives by which you can put it to good use. Not only will friends and family members who are decorating appreciate the gift of paint, but also there are hundreds of community projects across the country that accept donations of paint. A vast quantity of paint is needed when decorating community centres and meeting rooms, and no doubt any charity would welcome support, no matter how big or small.

Large household waste disposal

Even if your waste is inert and perfectly safe some items still aren't acceptable in a skip because of certain components or their size. Even if you hire the largest skips available, clearing out a home full of beds, sofas and kitchen appliances can still prove too big a job. Whilst at AMA we do offer services to help remove practically any type of waste you could have, there are some alternatives to putting everything in the skip.

If your furniture is still in good condition, but you're simply upgrading, why not consider donating? Even if your friends and family can't make use of your throwaways, charity shops across the UK will gladly accept donations. Some charity shops may even collect from your home and do the heavy lifting for you. For kitchen appliances and white goods in general, many shops will offer a service to take away your old machine when they deliver the new one, though this may come at a cost.

How to dispose of waste that can't go into skips

A running theme through the blog posts on our website is the dangers of fly-tipping, and in this case, the risks are even higher. Not only does any sort of fly-tipping cause massive environmental damage, but also the costs to you, in the form of fines, can be equally devastating. The fines you could receive from illegally dumping hazardous waste may well be enormous and even lead to prosecution or jail time – something best avoided.

On top of any fines you get for fly tipping, you can be punished for incorrectly disposing of waste in a legal way. Fridges and freezers, for example, contain “ozone-depleting substances" which, if not removed when you dispose of the item, can land you with at least a £2,500 bill.

Whether your waste is hazardous or bulky, or even both, by getting in touch with our expert staff we can help you to get the best solution for you. To find out more about all the waste management services that we offer at AMA Skip Hire, to discuss your options and receive a quote, call 0845 4638 437 today.