The AMA Spring Cleaning Guide

Posted on 28th March 2018

Winter is over, the frosts are melting and the leaves are on the trees or at least, that's what's supposed to be happening.

Whether the weather pulls through or not, it's nearly Easter, which mean's its time to throw open the windows, let a spring breeze blow away the winter cobwebs and to set about some spring cleaning.

From tidying the garden and clearing out the shed, to painting a bedroom or refurbishing the house, spring cleaning comes in all shapes and sizes – but whatever you've got planned, there's sure to be some post-Christmas clutter needs shifting.

So, grab the bin bags, pick up your paintbrush and follow AMA's guide to spring cleaning.


Your To-Do List

If you're like us, you've got a long list of tasks that you want, or more likely need, to get done. But with the spring air in your lungs and brighter evenings on the horizon, who really wants to be stuck inside cleaning? Here's our short list of the key jobs you can get done quickly, so we can all get back to enjoying spring:

  • Cleaning windows Start small and easy with a bit of gentle window cleaning (exciting, we know) With just a little elbow grease, and a dash of help from a window cleaner, your windows, doors and frames will soon be the envy of the neighbourhood, and will let in just a little bit more of that morning sunshine.
  • Carpets Another one for the whole house - although it's hard, hands and knees type work, cleaning your carpets can have a very noticeable effect. Dirt, dust, food and all sorts of stains build up on your floors over time, and giving them a thorough clean can do your home the world of good. Many shops rent out carpet cleaning machines, which can be a relatively cheap way of getting the job done quickly.
  • Furniture “You probably, hopefully, do a bit of dusting all year round, but spring is the perfect opportunity to really knock the cobwebs from your house. Rearranging furniture, or buying new items, can also help to quickly give your home a new look in time for spring.
  • Paint Both inside and outside, cracking open a pot of paint is a surefire way of giving your home a fresh new look for the new year. From decorating a bedroom or bathroom to painting the front of your house or recoating the fence, a dash of paint is an important part of the spring refresh.
  • Garden Speaking of your garden fence, gardens in general often go neglected over the winter months (it is pretty cold out there, after all), and spring is the perfect opportunity to spruce things up. Mowing the lawn, trimming the trees and pruning the plants will make your garden into somewhere enjoyable to sit out in the springtime air. Remember to clear out all the leaves and moss from your gutters too whilst you're out there!

Your annual spring clean is also the perfect time to check all of the alarms in your home. Replace the batteries in smoke detectors, burglar alarms and any other devices too as you go around the house to help keep your family safe.

Removing The Rubbish

shutterstock_94554349 Spring cleaning, especially if done thoroughly, can produce a lot of waste. At a time when local councils are more prohibitive than ever about what they can accept during waste collection, it can be a struggle to dispose of all of your household waste.

Skip hire is one of the simplest ways of clearing away spring cleaning waste. Forget multiple expensive trips to the local dump and falling foul of council regulations, by booking a skip you can clear out your whole house in one go, and have it taken away by us on the same day. Plus with our next day service and nationwide delivery, we can even cater to cleaning at short notice.

Furniture big and small, garden waste and general household clutter can all be disposed of in a skip - the only real limits are on hazardous chemicals. Check out one of our previous blog posts to find out exactly what can and can't be put into a skip or call 0845 4638 437 to speak to our team.