Skips for moving house

Posted on 28th March 2018

skips for moving house

You've spent months, if not years, looking for the perfect house, you've paid the fees, seen your bank balance dwindle and done your waiting - all that's left is the big move.

Moving house can be a stressful and testing experience at the best of times, not least because of the prospect of packing and unpacking everything you own, clearing out all the junk accumulated over years and trying to fit everything back into your new home. Whilst hiring a skip might not be the most obvious way to deal with a move, at AMA Skip Hire we think that moving house is the perfect time to clear out and start afresh.

The perfect time for a clear out

One of the most common issues people face when moving home is simply having far more stuff in their house than they realised. More than just the big items you can see as you walk around your home, each cupboard and drawer, the attic, the garden shed and almost every conceivable space is packed with items collected over the years. Chances are that you own things you never use or had even forgotten about, so why bother bringing them to your new home?

Not only will clearing out your home, using domestic skip hire before you move, save space in your new house, but also you will of course end up with fewer things to move. With fewer things to transport between homes, the cost of hiring a removal company should go down, saving you money as well as space. If you do the moving yourself, without the help of a removal firm, getting rid of unwanted junk first could also save you many costly journeys back and forth.

Space-saving techniques like this are even more important when you are looking to downsize your home. People downsize their homes for all sorts of reasons; whether you're moving to a new area, the kids have finally moved out or you simply don't want all that space anymore. It stands to reason that you cannot just move everything from a big house into a smaller one, so why not make the most of the opportunity to cut out the things you don't need or want anymore – using a skip to take it all away.

AMA Skip Hire for moving house

Whether you need to clear space in a new home, cut down on moving costs or just take fewer things with you to your new house, by hiring a skip you can make waste disposal simple and hassle-free. By decluttering your current home before you move, you can make sure that you have a fresh start in your new one, free of the mess and junk that plagued you before.

At AMA we provide skips in a range of sizes, accommodating from 20 to 200 bags of waste, suitable for moving no matter how big your house or how much rubbish you have. Plus, unlike taking your waste to the tip, we guarantee that we aim to recycle at least 80% of everything we receive, making us a much more environmentally friendly service.

The Complete Guide To Skip Hire

With nationwide coverage and next day domestic skip hire, we can get a skip to you at a time and day that suits, even at short notice, no matter where in the UK you are. If you aren't sure what size skip you need to hire, or whether any of our other services might help you even more, our friendly, professional staff are on hand to answer any questions. We can help you to save money, have a cleaner home and take some of the stress and worry out of moving house – so why not give AMA a call?

For more information on our UK skip hire, or any other services that we offer, including container storage and site clearance, give us a call today on 0845 4638 437 or fill out a contact form on our website.