Post-2012 New Year Clear Out? Say No More!

Posted on 22nd March 2018

No sooner had Christmas begun than it was all over and we were looking forward to the next big event; New Year. Yes, whilst Christmas is a few short weeks away, so, by all accounts, is Boxing Day, and thereafter, it will be time for New Years Eve celebrations! We're all excited here at the AMA offices, and whilst many of us try to make NYE2012 even better than NYE2011, a few of us are planning even further ahead.

Whilst we love a good old knees up at Christmas and New Year, we're also ones for routine, and with every new year comes a new opportunity to clear out the flotsam and jetsam that has collected rather fervently in the house throughout the year. As this useless junk is built up and up, with Christmas the perfect punctuation mark, having a new year clear out can be a supremely therapeutic process, and it's a great time to make some big changes ahead of a fresh start.

As such, if you're joining us in the ceremonious task of turfing out the old, putting in the new and generally making sure everything is ship-shape, you might well need a skip! There's only so much the big bin in the kitchen can handle, and if you're doing a proper job, you'll be throwing out sizeable items that need to be disposed of properly!

As you know, we have a host of skips to suit any size of job, so you needn't worry that you're not a behemothic corporation in need of a thousand skips - we have smaller sizes and alternative quantities available especially for the domestic home new year refresh as well!

And of course, our recycling rates of over 80% make us the perfect choice if you're looking after your environment, as everybody should be these days, and after thoroughly sorting through your skip, we divide the materials and ensure that we recycle as much as humanly possible. With our depots all monitored for compliance, and regular environmental legislation update audits, be safe in the knowledge that your waste is disposed of safely and legally!

Give us a call today, and help your new year clear out get off to a flying start with our skip hire! What are you waiting for? Christmas?

Oh right.