Peterborough Lead Environmental Effort with Waste Plant Plans!

Posted on 13th February 2013

It seems Peterborough, a town currently known for its vibrant music scene and resident RAF base, is turning up the environmental effort intensity to 11 in the coming months with its latest £75 million venture all signed and accounted for! But how exactly are they planning to spend this money and what's so great about their plans? The Conservative led city council have come to an agreement wherein they'll be building a huge, sprawling energy from waste facility, zapping the region's landfill figures by up to 94%! Which is pretty impressive news in our book.

The waste plant itself will be a sprawling complex able to contend with an array of environmentally friendly processes, including endeavours other than just waste disposal, and incorporating electricity generation that would be sent to the National Grid. This all-singing all-dancing facility will boost the efficiency of the town exponentially, allowing for more and more waste to be diverted away from landfill overtime.

Indeed, the positive environmental effect is equalled only in the money the council will save as reportedly, the body spent around £3 million through 2010 and 11 in sending waste to landfill. Whilst of course sending waste to landfill should be avoided at all costs, it is also becoming prohibitively expensive and as such, it's up to councils everywhere to come up with money-saving, environmentally healthy solutions for their waste.

"We have committed ourselves to pursuing a better alternative to dealing with our waste than sending it to landfill" Councillor Matthew Lee said, going on to explain that their solution is a bull-by-the-horns affair that will be a positive step for both the Peterborough environment and for the taxpayers of the city.

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