Organising a Home Clear Out

Posted on 27th July 2013

Whether you are living alone or in a busy household, you will tend to accumulate things that you may not really need over the course of several years. Most of us tend to hoard newspapers, little knick-knacks and lots of plastic, glass and aluminium bottles and containers, but this can take up unnecessary space that could have been otherwise put to better use. AMA Skip Hire has, therefore, put together some tips that will help you organise a home clear out.

Organising Your Home Clear Out

Today, the key mantra is being environment-friendly, as too much of our waste, rubbish and discarded items end up in landfills. Rather than dumping your waste and unnecessary items into the trash, it is time you think about a waste management plan that benefits the environment as well as de-cluttering your home.

Get recycling boxes to segregate your waste; sort out paper and cardboard from aluminium, plastics and glass items. Have a separate bin for chemical waste, as paints, solvents, cleaning agents. Of course, you would need to check with your local council about safe disposal of chemicals.

Finally, check the furniture and old appliances that you no longer need but have been storing; it is best to separate them, too. There could be some items you could give to friends or family members, and many others can be sent to charity shop. However, despite all these organised cleaning acts, you can often find plenty of redundant household items and waste that need getting rid of.

And it is this pile that you should aim to sort out, and one great way of organising your home clear out is by getting a skip. The variety of sizes and skips for different applications is vast; for instance, a mini-skip is perfect for garden waste and household waste, while a midi-skip is just right for that once-in-a-while home clear out.

Using a skip will allow you to keep your garage and garden free of clutter, and there will be ample space for you to keep the things and items you no longer need. This way you can rest assured knowing that the discarded items from your home will not end up in landfills; rather, they will be sorted and recycled.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable skip hire services that guarantees more than an 80 percent recycling rate, you should call our experts at AMA Skip Hire today. Not only is our service efficient, we will also help in making your home and environment as green as possible.