London Calling: The Waste Away Town

Posted on 22nd March 2018

London is an amazing place. Its bustling and vibrant interior plays host to sights and sounds you presumed came entirely from the author's imagination; where something new happens on the street where you live every day; where the worlds of culture, art and modernity are frothing at their respective outlets and the sprawling urban jungle always sings new songs and incites new avenues of possibility, offset by the endless, glinting whirr of 8 million living room lights. And those big screens on Piccadilly Circus.

Forgive us though, before we get too carried away with an overtly infallible description of the Capital, there is something to be said about London Town's waste, and how we here at AMA are the answer! It's the truth!

Of course, London is a hot bed for business, and many of the world's leading brands, names and behind-the-scenes companies do their bidding from the UK's Southern HQ. Most at least have an office or two secreted within its crowd of towering buildings. At the start of 2012, London housed an unimaginable 806,000 private sector businesses, naturally, the highest number in the country.

With all this unabashed commercial activity there are of course, huge scale projects, an impossible amount of output and environmental repercussions everywhere. Imagine the waste produced by a single company, and then multiply that by 800,000; and that's not even the tip of the iceberg!

As such, experts are required to ensure that this huge amount of waste is being handled correctly, efficiently and by the strictest environmental standards. And that's where we come in.

With large project developments, shop refitting and site clearance happening all the time as London expands and grows; ordinarily a range of different companies would be required to take care of each individual aspect of this kind of process; one for skip hire, one for containers, one for tippers and grabbers and so on and so forth. But not with AMA. Covering the whole project from start to finish, we make this generally complicated task as easy as a single phone call.

Of course, our high recycling rates; emphasis on legal environmental compliance and our dedication to keeping all our services great value for you, are the sprinkling of superfluous reasons why we're the place to be when you're looking for waste disposal in London!