Landfill Bound - INFOGRAPHIC

Posted on 28th March 2018

We mention in almost every post our dedication to recycling, to ecological solutions and commitment to keeping waste away from landfill as much as possible. As such, we thought we might take a few moments to pop together this brightly coloured, fact-filled infographic for your viewing pleasure! In it, we highlight a few fascinating figures concerning just how much we're still taking to landfill, how much we could save if we didn't, and what the future holds for the UK's recycling prowess!

We start by identifying the top recycling countries, and whilst many consider Britain to be one of the best, we're actually trailing behind considerably! With huge figures such as 5.3 million tonnes of food and drink going to landfill, and the revelation that 60% of what does end up there COULD be recycled it might all seem like doom and gloom.

Never fear though, as we highlight just how much such a small amount of recycling can do for us, before pointing out that the 2012 London Olympics operated a zero waste to landfill policy when it ran last year; a true achievement, no doubt.

So how can you do your bit? Call us here at AMA for whatever services you require, and you can rest assured that all our processes are planned with eco-awareness, recycling and zero waste to landfill in mind!

Landfill Infographic

Landfill Bound - An infographic by the team at AMA Skip Hire