Illegal Dumping Costs Taxpayers And The Environment

Posted on 22nd March 2018

Despite countless green efforts by the city council an illegal dump has been discovered in Glasgow that could cost taxpayers up to £700,000 to clean up as well as hundreds of thousands of pounds in unpaid landfill tax. The site, located behind an industrial estate, is thought to contain thousands of tonnes of rubbish that was has been left behind by a former skip company. The company in question were given permission by The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to bring rubbish to the site for the purpose of recycling on the understanding that they would ship un-recyclables to licensed landfills, not to run the area as a scrapyard.

Unlicensed landfills have a detrimental effect on the wider community, aside from the environmental damage the sites are highly unhygienic leaving local residents to contend with unpleasant odours and pests including rats and flies.

As of yet SEPA has been unable to quantify the exact amount of waste left at the site though it is well in advance of the 800 tonnes the former skip company was permitted to store at any one time. The waste has been left in various stock piles, some of which are currently too dangerous to be measured.

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