Host of New AMA Websites Inbound, Live Now!

Posted on 29th March 2018

It's been a long week here at the AMA offices, but our tireless effort has not come without its fruits! Which is great news because everybody loves fruit. Here's a little breakdown of what we've been getting ready for you folk over the last few weeks!

If you're beginning to see a running trend in our updates, a trend of identifying just how much else we get up to, then you sir, deserve a Sherlock Holmes name badge. Well done. We do indeed get up to much more than the skip hire service you know and love, and even more so than playgrounds and shop fitting. So much so in fact, that we decided it was high time each of our plentiful services had its own dedicated website, dripping with appropriate and valuable information that's as accessible as it is green. And we think you'll agree, it's very green indeed.

First out of the park then, AMA Aggregates offers the finest in sand, soil and concrete for whatever construction application you require of them. With the varied and robust options covering MOT Type 1, Ballast, 10-20mm Shingle and also Crushed Concrete, these materials can be the literal foundation of your work, and finding the right stuff can make all the difference in the world. Of course, we source only the highest quality options, as we're fully aware of their importance.

Furthermore we offer Recycled Aggregates, because eco-efficiency doesn't go out of fashion. We've made sure they come at a great price and give your carbon footprint a bit of a scale-down.

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Next up, AMA Container Hire gives you places to put things! Things like, the office, or everything you own. The expansive usability of our range of containers really leaves no avenue unexplored. Whether you're looking for a container, a cabin or a canteen; if you're in the middle of some hefty construction and need to relocate a team to a temporary unit, or if your site needs portable toilets, this page is the place to be.

And last but not least, our new AMA Waste site is fully equipped to supply you with all the information you need should you require wheelie bins, recycling, skip hire, site clearance or grab lorries and tippers. And don't forget, our Skip Hire website is still alive and kicking, which you should know, because you're on it.

Have a look around our new sites and tell us what you think! We've made sure all the information is to hand on these sites, but if you find your questions have't quite been answered, well, there's always the phone! We'd be happy to answer your queries, and that number again is: 08454757934