Hopes for Housing in 2013: Let AMA Help You Move!

Posted on 22nd March 2018

A recent study has come back with results stating that the housing market is likely to pick up this year. As many people move at the start of a new year, upping sticks after a fresh start, it's great news to hear that the housing market will be a raucous hive of activity once again when 2013 gets into full swing and from there on out! With comparatively low sales stretching back for some time now, right through the stormy economic weather and showing little signs of improvement throughout, analysts have finally said that even a slight reduction in inflation, coupled with economic growth, as has been predicted for 2013, could make a significant difference to the state of the housing market.

So then if you've decided that the next best home is on the horizon, are tired of the same four walls or even your town and local area, and are planning to move in the near future, now is a great time to get prepared, evidently! As such, here at AMA, being the helpful folk you've come to know, we thought we'd lend a hand in that department!

Yep, if you're clearing out all the old junk and getting ready to head somewhere else, then a mini skip hire could be the ideal way to help you live lighter! There's no point dragging all that old rubbish that's served its use as an expensive and elaborate dust collector, pride of place in the loft for all those years. Do what must be done and get rid! Naturally, when you're turfing out old rooms and places used solely for storage, you'll end up with a wealth of items that you may not want to simply chuck away, or may not have room to chuck away, and a mini skip is your answer!

We'll bring it straight to your soon-to-be former driver way, pop it down for you to fill with everything you no longer need, before taking it away and disposing of it all in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Entirely compliant so you can feel confident that not only are you living lighter, feeling less tethered and able to move easier, but you're also contributing to the green offensive!

No matter what you're doing this new year, if you need a skip, you need look no further than AMA! Give us a call, we can't wait to hear your plans for 2013.