Get Ready For Food Waste Collections In Inverness

Posted on 22nd March 2018

Here at AMA Skip Hire we make going green one of our top priorities which is why we're thrilled to report that September 2012 will mark the birth of weekly kerbside food collections throughout Inverness, Culloden, Smithton, Ballock and Milton of Leys in a new effort to decrease the amount of food waste making its way to Scottish landfills. 30,000 households are set to be involved in the scheme which will see fruit, veg, bread, dairy, fish, meat, pasta, tea bags and other food waste responsibly recycled rather than being sent to a landfill where it would decompose and release harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment.

Scotland produces over half a million tonnes of food and drink waste per year according to the director of Zero Waste Scotland, the organisation funding the scheme. With the provision of a 23 litre kerbside bin, a 5 litre kitchen caddy and some compostable liners Inverness households can simply and easily recycle waste, turning it from rubbish to a valuable fertiliser.

The scheme aims to make the transition as simple as possible by making collection days the same as the current recycling collection where possible so there is minimal disturbance to people's routines.

The scheme has been called an important next step in the Highland Council's waste reduction strategy and it is hoped it will be well received and embraced by locals so it makes a lasting impact.

Recycling is becoming an ever more important part of our future and it is schemes like this which will make our towns and cities better places to live for generations. At AMA Skip Hire we make sure to do our part for the environment, that's why we boast recycling rates 80% by ensuring each skip is carefully sorted through. Our high levels of recycling mean we can keep our costs low, so if you're in need of affordable waste management get in touch today on 0845 4638 437 to speak to a member of our team.