England Vs. Brazil Recycling World Cup

Posted on 26th January 2018

In our last infographic post we examined the sheer scale of the waste management needed at an event like the 2014 World Cup – the staggering amount was waste produced and what is needed to tidy up once the fans head home. Although sadly an England vs. Brazil final is off the cards, thanks to some predictably woeful performances, we have decided to take a look and compare us and the home team in terms we understand – waste.

Now we accept that England and Brazil might not have much in common on the pitch, and it even seemed to us like the kids playing on Copacabana beach could challenge some of the England boys for their places. However, off the pitch our two countries might have a little more in common than you think. Take a look below for some facts and figures about how our teams and nations stack up against each other in the recycling World Cup.

Brazil vs England Waste comparison