Doing Your Bit with AMA's Green Waste Management Methods!

Posted on 22nd March 2018

Whether you're completing a new DIY home project, or you're a seasoned professional, a veteran of the construction industry, you're always going to make a bit of a mess. Whilst your finished work will, undoubtedly be the previously envisioned masterpiece, that slew of waste materials that are almost always produced as a result cause a significant effect on the environment when they're not handled properly. Here at AMA, we're the experts when it comes to waste management and skip hire, and are on hand today to help you do your bit, by effectively disposing of your waste in a supremely environmental and ecological manner!

It can seem like a difficult task knowing what to do with the excess parts left over from your project, and all too often we cast the job aside, safe in the knowledge the meat of the work has been completed satisfactorily. At AMA though, we believe the job isn't over until it's over, and that includes ensuring all your extra materials are disposed of properly. We're here so you can rest assured your waste is being disposed of properly, and to also make the process streamlined and easy so you can concentrate on the real job in hand!

So with the task of managing your waste no longer a phonebook scouring undertaking, how exactly will we look after it for you?

Our recycle rates are well over 80%, as we thoroughly root through every skip to ensure each last piece of material is sorted into its correct category. Not only that but our 1000+ depots across the UK are all individually monitored and regulated, meaning we can be sure they're 100% compliant with the most up to date environmental legislation!

Best of all, making sure your projects are eco-friendly doesn't cost you an entirely crucial arm and a leg. Our packages are designed to bring you brilliant value, and those great prices are achieved due to our commitment to recycling!

Whatever size skip you need, we have a range to suit, and can tailor your waste management program to your individual needs! So to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team today, simply dial 0845 4638 437, and go green!