How To Dispose Of Garden Waste

Posted on 22nd March 2018

How To Dispose Of Garden Waste With Social Media

With the sun slowly creeping out, the weekends getting warmer and evenings lengthening, it's finally the time of year to get out in the garden and stretch those green fingers. Whilst for some of us gardening means just pottering about and doing a little weeding, for many it can be landscaping on an almost industrial scale.

Many councils in the UK now accept garden waste for recycling, nearly 95% to be precise, and garden waste now makes up more than 15% of the average household waste. Although the chances are that your council will accept the waste you produce, many charge for annual use of a bin, even if you only use it once, or won't accept large chunks of waste, such as trees or hedges.

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What AMA can do to help with your garden waste?

Whether you have a few plants and weeds to dispose of or half a tree and some bushes, AMA Skips has the solution to all your garden waste problems.

If you are unlucky enough to live in one of the very few local councils that won't collect your garden waste, don't despair. AMA is able to provide you with wheelie bins or skips, of varying sizes, to collect your refuse to be taken away and recycled. We deliver nationwide across the UK, so wherever you live, you can make the most of our services.

If your council does collect waste but you either have items too large, or just too much waste, to fit into the supplied bin, skip hire for garden waste could be ideal for you. Our skips come in a range of sizes, from mini skips through to builder skips and massive industrial ones – perfect for tackling any job, no matter the size. We will also arrange all necessary permits for your skip, so it won't matter if you have to keep it on the road or in your driveway.

For people who have no space for a skip at all, we also have site clearance and man-in-a-van services available. Our man and his van will come round and help to move any waste from your land, transporting it away in the van, alleviating the need for a skip and any heavy lifting.

What happens to garden waste put into skips?

At AMA we aim to recycle 80% of any waste we receive, and garden waste is no exception to this. All of the garden waste that we send for recycling embarks on a long process, ending in becoming high-quality compost, perfect for gardening and agriculture.

Waste is transported, either by councils or third parties like us, to composting centers around the UK. Initially, non-compostable waste, such as plastic and stones, is removed, and then the remainder is gently heated and occasionally turned to provide warmth and oxygen to the organisms that help break down the material. After 8-16 weeks the process is complete and old garden waste is ready to be used on gardens again.

Whether you're doing some simple garden maintenance or tackling the overwhelming undergrowth after a warm and wet winter, AMA's skip hire for garden waste can help with any job you have planned. To speak to one of our expert staff just call 0845 463 8437 today.