The cost of fly tipping and the damages to the environment

Posted on 22nd March 2018

Few people would disagree that fly tipping, the illegal dumping of waste, causes massive damage to our environment and is an ugly eyesore, whether it takes place in the countryside or an urban area.

the modern approach to reducing fly tipping

Over 936,090 cases of fly tipping were reported in England alone in 2015/16. Of these cases over 50% were dumped on highways. Statistics show that fly tipping occurs across the country, in all sorts of areas, from roads and parks to council land and farms, affecting all of us.

The cost of clearing up the mess and of prosecuting those involved is staggering. Clearing waste sites cost £36.4 million whilst enforcement of the laws cost £15.2 million, meaning that fly tipping cost the taxpayer over £50 million in 2015 alone. The statistics provided by DEFRA do show that the prevalence and cost of this crime have been dropping each year, but the impact is still far too high for our liking.

More than all that, the costs to you or your business if you were caught fly tipping (which we know you'd never do) can be very hefty. Fines of up to £50,000 and 5 years imprisonment should be enough to put anyone off, but sadly it doesn't.

Helping protect the environment from fly tipping

Cost of fly tipping

At AMA we firmly believe that all waste should be properly disposed of and as much of it recycled as possible. We aim to keep our recycling rates, the amount of your waste that we recycle, above 80%, helping to protect the environment and do our part to undo the damage caused by fly tippers.

With skip hire from AMA, you can be confident that we are managing your waste in the most responsible fashion. Not only do we recycle as much as we are able, we have all the necessary permits and licenses and have signed up to several optional agreements to help reduce overall waste. You can also be confident that our staff work to the highest standards, all waste being managed by certified workers following all the legal guidelines to ensure that we are as responsible as possible.

We offer a huge range of skip hire and waste management services to suit any need. From house and garden clearance to construction and hazardous waste, we provide all the solutions you will need to get your site clear efficiently, cheaply and in the most environmentally friendly way. Our next-day, nationwide service means that no matter how urgent your job, there's never a need to not dispose of your waste properly through AMA.

Get in touch with us today to discuss all your waste management needs and find out how we can help.

Statistics provided by DEFRA. See for more information.