Another Successful Recycling Week

Posted on 22nd March 2018

As you know, last week was all about being thrifty and green with National Recycling Week. We brought you our 5 top recycling tips, and we hope you had fun implementing them at home and at work.

We've been keeping a beady eye on what you were all up to during National Recycling Week, and we were pleased to see lots of exciting activities, campaigns and resources out there. Here's our pick of the best:

Our friends at came up with a great infographic reporting their findings from a survey about the effectiveness of recycling campaigns. They also asked the participants how education about recycling can be improved:

It seems that lots of us are very wary of what we can and cannot recycle these days, with a third of the participants unsure about 4 or more materials. Many did not know bleach bottles, and spray cleaners are recyclable, in particular. The overall message of the infographic is that focussing on specific materials and ways to recycle is the most effective way of encouraging people to get involved. Cheesy "feel-good messages" were noted as being less engaging. So it seems useful recycling tips are what the people want!

Click here to see the infographic in its full glory or read the full report click here.

Oxford City Council got involved by holding a compost giveaway for its residents. A total of 5 tonnes of compost was given away on Saturday 27th June in Florence Park. All you had to do was rock up with an empty bag and a spade and the compost was yours - well done Oxford!

Other giveaways were held at West Bromwich town centre with fun characters Compost Kid and Captain Recyco giving out free food waste liners and bags for life. Southampton residents focused on an upcycled fashion theme, with a fashion show featuring only recycled fabrics. Recycled jewellery and other upcycled products were also available to purchase:


Intelligent Hand Dryers UK impressed us with their enterprising offer of taking in business's energy-inefficient hand dryers, ensuring it's recycled at an approved WEEE recycling location. They even gave away a £20 voucher towards a new energy efficient hand dryer! Older hand dryers can use to to 30 watts per dry, whereas newer models user under 2 watts.

West Oxfordshire Council decided to let people gets their hands dirty with their rubbish by offering free behind-the-scenes tours of an anaerobic digestion plant. This plant is where food waste is transformed into a liquid fertilizer for use on local farms. As an added green bonus, the electricity generated is completely renewable. Good work!

We hope you all learned something during National Recycling Week, it seems that you must have been living under a damp rock to miss all the events - here's to next year!