An Expert Guide to Managing Household Waste

Posted on 22nd March 2018

From a busy house of four or more, right down to living alone, the amount of waste we find ourselves outputting can be staggering. Ever feel like you only took the bin out 'the other day', and here it is, full to the brim just hours later? Surely this can't be good for the environment!? Well, certainly not if you're failing to organise your household waste and get a system going to take care of it! We love systems here at AMA, so we thought we'd offer up some tips on getting your very own in place so you can be greener, cleaner and more environmentally friendly in your home!

The System

So, what's involving in your little waste management ecosystem? First all of, set out recycling boxes, separate paper and cardboard from glass, aluminium and plastics, and try to sort out everything you throw away instead of simply chucking it all in the general waste bin.

Next up, look at where you can reduce the actual amount of waste you're generating, look for opportunities to buy products with reduced packaging, or see if you could use that packaging again. Make sure you're not needlessly printing off spam emails purely for the sake of busying your day, and purchase a few 'bags for life', or simply take your own to the supermarket.

A combination of these efforts will result in a more environmentally friendly home and less rubbish for you to have to take out to the bins! But what about the larger amount waste?

Other Types of Waste

It wouldn't be an expert guide if we weren't to cover the types of waste you're less likely to deal with on an everyday basis now would it? Here are a few extra tips to keep you green no matter what you're up to!

  • In the Garden: Composting garden waste is always recommended and you can add a few items of food waste to this stack too. Tea bags and egg shells top up the compost nicely.
  • Chemical waste: If you find yourself needing to get rid of chemicals such as paints, sprays or oils, you'll want to get a specialist involved, or first check with your local area council about their chemical disposal policy.
  • Refurbishing or Landscaping: If you're cleaning out the house, doing a bit of DIY or landscaping the garden, you'll inevitably produce a lot of waste. Rather than leaving it trailing everywhere, skip hire is the ideal solution here, as it ensures every last scrap of waste produced will go through a sorting and recycling process!

For more on skip hire, ask the experts here at AMA! Our service is friendly, efficient and will help ensure your home is as green as can be! Try 0845 4638437 to get a quote today!