An Educational Boost for Leicestershire Schools

Posted on 22nd March 2018

Leicester and the surrounding area is undoubtedly a region of intense growth and development. It seems every other week a new project has begun, whether that's redoing old streets and roads, building new homes and industrial buildings, or putting together plans for some of the most impressive technology parks the country has to offer! The area itself is an attractive proposition for both families and businesses, offering centralised location with access to all major cities with ease, and as a result a wealth of industry is growing there, as well as some beautiful rural outskirts that make for ideal places to bring up children. And speaking of children, it seems the latest development is set to benefit the kids of the area directly.

Old School

Yes the city council has recently approved an astonishing £129 million project to bring schools in Leicester up to date, modernising them, revamping them and ensuring they are the best looking, most adept and contemporary halls of education around.

Getting an Education

Whilst refurbished classrooms and corridors are of course on the cards, so too are brand new, up-to-dare facilities, with drama and music rooms and technologies being invested in heavily. With entire new buildings and extensions being added on as well as a few complete clear-outs wherein everything will be stripped and replaced, there's a lot of work ahead of the teams that are taking it on, but it will be work more than worthy of the investment once it's finished.

Future Learning

One parent commented; "The work here in the school should improve and make the learning environment excellent for all its students." Meanwhile Jane Brown, Head Teacher at a school about to go "under the knife" said "We've been working closely with the council, our students and our community to ensure the plans for our new building reflect their wishes and needs."

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