AMA celebrates World Environment Day

Posted on 20th November 2016

5th June has been a fixture in the AMA diary for some time, as it is World Environment Day (WED). Organised by the United Nations, WED aims to encourage people to do something positive for the environment. The theme of this year's WED is: Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. People around the globe are making pledges to help the environment, and raise awareness of sustainability issues around the resources we consume and waste, such as water, food, energy and natural resources, for example forests and animal products.

The United Nations is inviting people from all corners of the globe to share their dreams for the environment. Here at AMA we thought we would share one of our goals for the environment with our readers: AMA aim to reduce waste and increase recycling across the nation. We've been consciously working to increase the amount of waste recycled from our skips for some time, and are pleased to report recycling rates of 85%. We are committed to sustainability throughout our waste management and skip hire services.


Despite AMA's best efforts there is still work to be done worldwide. WED reports that global food waste amounts to $750bn, equating to nearly £500bn of food unused. In our blog post about supermarket waste we recently reported that the UK's supermarkets throw away a combined 300,000 tonnes of food waste every year – a figure that is far too high.

What can be done to counteract increasing food waste figures?

Last month France voted in favour of a landmark law forcing supermarkets to give leftover food to charity. The plan behind this law is to reduce world hunger by getting supermarkets to stop dumping their unwanted food. They'll go further to reduce waste too – food not fit for consumption will be used for animal feed or compost. Currently supermarkets in the UK throw away tonnes of waste every year, as they face legal action if the food causes illness. However, we can follow the French and work towards reducing as much waste as possible.

There are some easy ways to help the environment this World Environment Day, such as:

  • Turning off electrical products and lights when they're not being used, saving energy and cutting CO2 emissions
  • Recycle waste, for example glass, cardboard, plastics, and aluminium. If you're not sure what can go in your recycling bin, check with your local council
  • Wash your clothes the green way – use a warm cycle on your washing machine. Hang your washing outside rather than using a tumble dryer
  • Use a Waste Management and Skip Hire company that cares about the environment. AMA recycles 85% of waste found in skips

How are you marking World Environment Day? Don't forget to interact with us on Twitter @AMASkips and use the hashtag #7BillionDreams to share your dreams for the environment.