A Fitting Refurbishment for the Retail Sector

Posted on 22nd March 2018

Last week, we went into some depth regarding our modest prowess in the playground department, from building them from the ground up, to controlling every aspect of the waste involved in their construction; it's true the big names call on AMA when it's time to build a new park. So, we thought this week we'd treat you to yet another surprise. Shopping!

Okay, perhaps that was slightly misleading, we're not offering anyone shopping trips, and we're certainly not implying we might come along with you one day. We are, however, helping to improve your expeditions into the glorious world of commerce, so you may spend all that hard earned cash in comfort and style. Skip hire? Shopping? Something not sound right? Getting an eerie sense of deja vu? Allow us to explain!

Of course, this week's featured service-expansion is shop fitting, wherein we make sure the people completing these extravagantly modern new shopping centres, supermarkets and retail units are able to do their job to the best of their ability, with the most controlled, all-in-one and compliant skip hire service that we've ironed to the point of perfection, if we don't mind saying so ourselves.

Fortunately, the many years we've spent supplying all kinds of waste management services to all sizes of jobs, means we've had no problem getting involved in anything from corner shop refurbishment, to the fitting of sprawling, behemoth superstores; we're helping the whole operation run efficiently, getting the job done on time and to the best possible standard. From walls being put through to disposing of a previous interior getup, the need for skips is vital, and our suppliers know this only too well.

Of course, the volatile and unpredictable landscape that is the waste disposal industry provides a bit of a conundrum, most significantly so, for those taking on shopfitting contracts, wherein they often span six weeks' worth of country-wide work. Trusting a company to dispose of the waste properly, is to put your compliance audit success in their hands. We're proud to say we regulate our suppliers to the minutest detail, provide extensive documentation for everything we do and guarantee the skip/s will turn up dead on time.

So stringent, efficient and reliable are our services that we've helped your new H&M, Vodafone and WH Smith look as good as they do today, whilst our list of shop refit jobs features just about every national high street retailer you can imagine.

Whether you're building a playground or a host of new Costcutter's, AMA can help, and that's something you didn't know this morning!