How to reduce your business waste and save money

Posted on 26th May 2016

In our last blog post we shared some tips about how businesses could save money by recycling their waste – learning to avoid the landfill tax by finding alternate ways to dispose of their business waste.

That got us thinking about all the other ways in which businesses could use their waste to either make money, or reduce their waste to save money over months or years.

We've come across a lot of advice on the internet and from our friends in the waste industry, and here we've compiled just a few of our favourites:

Donate 'waste' to charity
Waste doesn't always take the form of rubbish fit for the tip – quite often businesses have old furniture to dispose of, as well as unwanted appliances and office equipment.

Rather than throw reusable items away and pay the costs of disposal, try to find someone, or a company or charity, that you can donate them to. Not only will you make some new friends, always handy in business, but you can skip the cost of waste disposal and potentially gain yourself some positive press.

If you're not feeling so charitable, or there's no willing takers nearby, you can also sell your old office supplies – heading to places like eBay to rid yourself of old furniture.

Working with local businesses
Another way to reduce your waste and save money is to work with other local businesses and your local council. Local authorities, councils, and campaigning groups regularly hold recycling events, or run campaigns designed to help local businesses – and making use of these resources can definitely give your efforts a boost.

If you run a small business, there is also plenty of opportunity to save money by working with other local businesses. Especially if you share a building with other businesses, or work very close to other small offices or shops, sharing waste removal services can save you all plenty of money – it can often be much cheaper to hire one big skip or bin rather than several smaller ones.

Use responsible waste carriers
These days, it's more important than ever to present your company as being green and responsible – and how you dispose of your waste is a big part of that.

But good waste disposal isn't just about getting rid of your waste as cheap as possible – and there are many companies out there who have been caught fly-tipping business waste that they had been paid to remove of legally.

To avoid having your business waste strewn across the countryside, it's important to use a waste disposal company that you know and trust, and preferably one which has a good record of environmental friendliness.

Here at AMA Skip Hire and AMA Waste, we offer all sorts of waste removal services, from nationwide skip hire to site clearance, hazardous waste removal, and man-in-a-van hire, and we proudly recycle over 80% of the waste we handle. Call today on 0845 4638 437 to find out more.

Get your employees onboard
Whilst most of us are now keen recyclers at home, it doesn't always translate into good office or workplace recycling rates.

There are some fairly simple ways to reduce waste in your business, including reusing boxes, keeping old documents for use as scrap paper, shredding old documents for packing material, and buying used or unwanted equipment and furniture from other businesses.

Businesses not based in offices can also cut waste simply by making their staff better informed. By giving incentives or running campaigns within your company, you can encourage your staff to think before they dispose of company waste – potentially saving you money and giving you a new green image.

If you've got any tips to reduce business waste or save money disposing of office waste, let us know and we'll include them in a future blog post.