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Summer House Clearance Skip Guide

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Skip hire from AMA makes your summer house clearance quick and easy, follow our room by room guide to see what you can and cannot put into hired skips. You can use the same skip for garden waste too, so there’s no excuses not to have that much needed clear out now summer is here. Contact us for price and delivery times for skip hire in your area, we can supply nationwide with a variety of skip sizes to match your requirements. Summer House Clearance Infographic

England Vs. Brazil – Recycling World Cup

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

In our last infographic post we examined the sheer scale of the waste management needed at an event like the 2014 World Cup – the staggering amount was waste produced and what is needed to tidy up once the fans head home. Although sadly an England vs. Brazil final is off the cards, thanks to some predictably woeful performances, we have decided to take a look and compare us and the home team in terms we understand – waste.

Now we accept that England and Brazil might not have much in common on the pitch, and it even seemed to us like the kids playing on Copacabana beach could challenge some of the England boys for their places. However, off the pitch our two countries might have a little more in common than you think. Take a look below for some facts and figures about how our teams and nations stack up against each other in the recycling World Cup.

Brazil vs England Waste comparison

AMA World Cup Waste Shoot-Out

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

So the World Cup action is well under way and at AMA Skip Hire we’ve been working out some vital information. You’ve probably all been wondering how many football shirts can fit into a skip? Or how many skips fit onto a football pitch?

World Cup Waste Management Infographic - AMA Skip Hire



How To Dispose Of Garden Waste

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

With the sun slowly creeping out, the weekends getting warmer and evenings lengthening, it’s finally the time of year to get out in the garden and stretch those green fingers. Whilst for some of us gardening means just pottering about and doing a little weeding, for many it can be landscaping on an almost industrial scale.

Many councils in the UK now accept garden waste for recycling, nearly 95% to be precise, and garden waste now makes up more than 15% of the average household waste. Although the chances are that your council will accept the waste you produce, many charge for annual use of a bin, even if you only use it once, or won’t accept large chunks of waste, such as trees or hedges.

What AMA can do to help with your garden waste?

Whether you have a few plants and weeds to dispose of or half a tree and some bushes, AMA Skips has the solution to all your garden waste problems.

If you are unlucky enough to live in one of the very few local councils that won’t collect your garden waste, don’t despair. AMA is able to provide you with wheelie bins or skips, of varying sizes, to collect your refuse to be taken away and recycled. We deliver nationwide across the UK, so wherever you live, you can make the most of our services.

If your council does collect waste but you either have items too large, or just too much waste, to fit into the supplied bin, a skip could be ideal for you. Our skips come in a range of sizes, from mini skips through to builder skips and massive industrial ones – perfect for tackling any job, no matter the size. We will also arrange all necessary permits for your skip, so it won’t matter if you have to keep it on the road or in your driveway.

For people who have no space for a skip at all, we also have site clearance and man-in-a-van services available. Our man and his van will come round and help to move any waste from your land, transporting it away in the van, alleviating the need for a skip and any heavy lifting.

What happens to garden waste put into skips?

At AMA we aim to recycle 80% of any waste we receive, and garden waste is no exception to this. All of the garden waste that we send for recycling embarks on a long process, ending in becoming high-quality compost, perfect for gardening and agriculture.

Waste is transported, either by councils or third parties like us, to composting centers around the UK. Initially, non-compostable waste, such as plastic and stones, is removed, and then the remainder is gently heated and occasionally turned to provide warmth and oxygen to the organisms that help break down the material. After 8-16 weeks the process is complete and old garden waste is ready to be used on gardens again.

Whether you’re doing some simple garden maintenance or tackling the overwhelming undergrowth after a warm and wet winter, AMA Skips can help with any job you have planned. To speak to one of our expert staff just call 0845 463 8437 today.

Environmentally Friendly Music Festivals

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

There are now around 1000 music festivals that take place annually in the UK, a massive increase on the 100 registered in 2004. With more festivals than ever before, more and more people are touring the country to see their favourite artists in action – not to mention the rise in international festival tourism too.

Whilst the idea of camping, partying with friends and getting back to nature for the weekend appeals to hundreds of thousands of us every year, few consider the potential damage done to local areas. Its true that the impact done by a single festival-goer is minimal, but each person can make a difference if they choose to be greener whilst camping.

After careful consideration, and plenty of trawling through the facts and figures, we at AMA have come up with our top three environmental challenges, and their solutions, that modern festivals face:

Going On Tour

Most festival revelers won’t give much thought to how they travel to their festival of choice this year – opting simply for what is most convenient and cheapest in their area. Transport is one of the biggest contributors to a festival’s pollution – almost everyone will arrive by car, train, bus or even plane, causing not only massive pollution but clogging up roads and transport systems across the country.

Many event organisers are already tackling this problem to help make their festivals greener. Glastonbury actively encourages lift sharing, running up a service to connect ticket holders to make it easier to find a car to share; estimating that 15,000 cars were cut from their carparks last year following the scheme. Shambala festival also reduced cars by charging an extra £10 to park, Broadstairs offered heavily discounted public transport through a sponsorship with Stagecoach, whilst some give food and drink vouchers to those arriving by bus or train.

Camping Under The Stars

You probably will have seen it for yourself on TV and in papers – the aftermath of festivals that leave both farmland and public spaces looking like landfill sites. Especially at the largest events, such as Glastonbury and Reading festivals, thousands of tents, chairs, gazebos and all manners of camping equipment are left behind once everyone goes home.

Many festivals will arrange for tents to be donated to charity, but usually rely on the tent being handed in to staff at the end of the festival, simply as they don’t have the manpower or time to collect and dismantle thousands of tents. Unfortunately there is very little that can be done about tent abandoning, as the culprit leaves the site before the tent is found, though many are introducing extra recycling bins and signs to push more people to be environmentally friendly.

Waste Not, Want Not

There is, obviously, much more waste produced by festivals than just camping equipment. From food waste to packaging, magazines to clothes, people leave or lose all sorts of things around campsites and festival spaces. Over 70% of festival attendees agree that general waste is a negative aspect of festivals, and so organisers have been taking steps to help.

Many festivals now charge customers a deposit for cups and cutlery, meaning that they are not treated as being so disposable and people return them, instead of discarding them, with some festivals even paying people to do ad-hoc litter picks mid-weekend to keep the site clean. Some, such as Reading and Leeds, also accept donations of leftover food and drink from partiers at the end of the festival to be donated to charity, helping to cut down on even organic waste.

It is then very easy to help cut your environmental impact at any festival this summer. With using public transport, donating anything you don’t want and recycling the rest, there is no excuse not to be green this summer.

Facts and figures from, and

Skips for moving house

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

You’ve spent months, if not years, looking for the perfect house, you’ve paid the fees, seen your bank balance dwindle and done your waiting – all that’s left is the big move.

Moving house can be a stressful and testing experience at the best of times, not least because of the prospect of packing and unpacking everything you own, clearing out all the junk accumulated over years and trying to fit everything back into your new home. Whilst hiring a skip might not be the most obvious way to deal with a move, at AMA Skip Hire we think that moving house is the perfect time to clear out and start afresh.

The perfect time for a clear out

One of the most common issues people face when moving home is simply having far more stuff in their house than they realised. More than just the big items you can see as you walk around your home, each cupboard and drawer, the attic, the garden shed and almost every conceivable space is packed with items collected over the years. Chances are that you own things you never use or had even forgotten about, so why bother bringing them to your new home?

Not only will clearing out your home, by hiring a skip before you move, save space in your new house, but also you will of course end up with fewer things to move. With fewer things to transport between homes, the cost of hiring a removal company should go down, saving you money as well as space. If you do the moving yourself, without the help of a removal firm, getting rid of unwanted junk first could also save you many costly journeys back and forth.

Space-saving techniques like this are even more important when you are looking to downsize your home. People downsize their homes for all sorts of reasons; whether you’re moving to a new area, the kids have finally moved out or you simply don’t want all that space anymore. It stands to reason that you cannot just move everything from a big house into a smaller one, so why not make the most of the opportunity to cut out the things you don’t need or want anymore – using a skip to take it all away.

AMA Skip Hire for moving house

Whether you need to clear space in a new home, cut down on moving costs or just take fewer things with you to your new house, by hiring a skip you can make waste disposal simple and hassle-free. By decluttering your current home before you move, you can make sure that you have a fresh start in your new one, free of the mess and junk that plagued you before.

At AMA we provide skips in a range of sizes, accommodating from 20 to 200 bags of waste, suitable for moving no matter how big your house or how much rubbish you have. Plus, unlike taking your waste to the tip, we guarantee that we aim to recycle at least 80% of everything we receive, making us a much more environmentally friendly service.

With nationwide coverage and next day delivery, we can get a skip to you at a time and day that suits, even at short notice, no matter where in the UK you are. If you aren’t sure what size skip you need to hire, or whether any of our other services might help you even more, our friendly, professional staff are on hand to answer any questions. We can help you to save money, have a cleaner home and take some of the stress and worry out of moving house – so why not give AMA a call?

For more information on our UK skip hire, or any other services that we offer, including container storage and site clearance, give us a call today on 0845 4638 437 or fill out a contact form on our website.

How Site Clearance Can Help You

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Site clearance can be a scary prospect to some. For many of our customers it sounds like a large, radical solution to whatever your problems might be, whilst some simply don’t even understand what is involved. To help clear up any confusion you might have, at AMA we aim to set the record straight on what you can expect from our site clearance services.

For our individual or private customers, skip hire can often seem an attractive option for clearing a home or garden. Whilst, often, skip hire is a very good choice, many people overlook the work that can be involved in simply filling the skip up by hand, especially in the case of home clearance or renovation, when often many bulky items need to be disposed of. The same applies to garden or allotment clearance, when the strain of moving so much waste into a skip can often outweigh the benefits of hiring one in the first place.

To help out our customers who need a skip but might not be able to fill it themselves, AMA provides a range of site clearance services, stretching from a man and a van through to grab lorries and teams of workers. With us handling the hard work of collecting and disposing of your waste for you, you can be free to get back on the job and keep on schedule, without the worries of waste management.

Not only do our site clearance options appeal to smaller, individual customers, but also large businesses and individuals who need them for commercial purposes. From clearing wasteland and parkland, renovating a business premises or cleaning up after an event or festival, AMA’s solutions can suit any need.

Why waste valuable time by having workers clearing a site as they go, when AMA can arrange for our staff using grab and tipper lorries to remove all the waste for you. As a quick and efficient method of site clearance, AMA are second to none.

The Site Clearance Experts For You

From general waste to household furniture and building waste, whatever you have cluttering your site; at AMA we can help clear it.  In the past AMA has been part of projects and plans of all sizes across a huge range of customers, and we have great experience in getting our customers exactly what they need.

Just as we do with our skip hire and other waste management services, we will promise to recycle as much of your waste as we possibly can, always aiming for at least 80%. We also provide the same great quality of service as we do with all of our products, including nationwide availability and next-day service, helping to cover any change of plans, no matter where you are.

For more information on our site clearance services, as well as any of the products that we offer, get in touch today. Call 0845 4757 934 to speak to a member of our expert team or fill out a contact form on our website.

Can you hire a skip when you live in a flat?

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Whilst hiring a skip to use at your house, business premises or building site seems a straightforward and simple idea, many people wrongly believe that skip hire just isn’t an option for those living in flats, apartments and tower blocks.

With no garden of your own and no clear land to place skips on, where would you ever put your waste? What laws and regulations cover the use of skips in flats, and are you even allowed to hire one?

Luckily, at AMA Skip Hire, we have the solutions to your problems.

What most people don’t realise is that there are actually no special requirements or legislation concerning the use of skips in flats.

If the land around your flat is owned by your landlord or by another private owner, you may simply be able to ask permission to have the skip placed on their land. If you cannot get permission, however, and if you don’t have your own private garden, skips can often be placed on public land instead, provided you have the right licenses from the local authorities.

At AMA we will arrange all the necessary licenses for you as part of our service, helping make the whole process simpler for you. And, to make your job even easier, we can provide chutes to help get your rubbish down from your flat to the skip, without you having to carry it all down the stairs.

Don’t want a skip? No problem!

Whether you can’t get permission for a skip, or you simply want to look at alternative methods of flat clearance, AMA can help.

Our ‘Man In A Van’ service is ideal for flat clearance, letting you empty and renovate your home without that bulky neighbour offending skip.

One of our trained, legally compliant professionals (and his van) will come round to your flat to help you with whatever clearance job you have. Perfect for clearing away less bulky items, and great for when you might need a little extra help getting the job done, this service is ideal for our customers living in flats where a skip just isn’t permitted or practical.

With skips ranging from 4 to 40yards, site clearance, man-in-a-van services and even hazardous waste removal, there is nothing that AMA Skip Hire can’t help you with.

Get in touch with us today on 0845 463 8437 to find out more about all the services we offer.

5 Strange Items Found In Skips

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Whilst you could be forgiven for thinking that all skips are ever used for is disposing of garden rubbish, construction waste and broken household goods, the reality couldn’t be more different.

At AMA Skip Hire we have seen our fair share of weird waste, and so decided to scour the web for this blog post to bring you just some of the strangest items ever to be found in skips.

A Mystery Coffin:

When residents of Old Palace Road in Norwich awoke one morning in April 2007, it was a day like any other. When the time came to leave the house for work and school, however, the shocked homeowners were met by the peculiar sight of a coffin poking out the top of a skip on their street.

Presumably cautious and confused, the residents called the police who thankfully confirmed that the coffin was empty. The mystery remains (no pun intended) of how the coffin had got there, why somebody would abandon it and what had happened to its owner.

Modern Art Heist:

In 2011 five works of modern art, collectively estimated to be worth over £100million, were tossed into a skip in Paris and destroyed. The paintings were alleged to have been stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art by a crack team of art thieves who, when caught, claimed that they had destroyed and disposed of the masterpieces in an effort to escape.

Unfortunately, at AMA we’ve yet to find a Matisse or Picasso in one of our skips, but we’re always on the lookout. One would definitely have pride of place hanging in our office.

WW2 Artillery Shell:

To the horror of the two skip drivers who discovered it, one of the most unusual items ever found was a World War Two naval artillery shell discarded in a skip in Cornwall in 2006.

When the Royal Navy’s bomb disposal squad arrived on-scene the shell was found to be still live and, even more worryingly, mere metres from a large petrol station. The squad worked quickly to remove the bomb, which was disarmed and later destroyed in a nearby quarry. Had the bomb been detonated accidentally, the experts insisted, it would have sent potentially deadly shrapnel flying for thousands of metres around.

Who knows what could have been if not for these keen-eyed skip drivers. A lesson perhaps for anyone looking to go digging through skips, always be careful – you never know what people might be throwing away!

Valuable Vintage Posters:

Continuing with the WW2 theme, one lucky man from Newcastle managed to find a bundle of original American propaganda posters whilst walking the streets of New York. Originally distributed to businesses by the US authorities to help boost wartime morale, the posters were never actually displayed and eventually found their way into a skip on a busy sidewalk.

Luckily, eagle-eyed Steve spotted the posters whilst on a business trip to The States and fetched them home. It was only several years later, after they had been stored and forgotten about in his attic, that the posters were put on sale, at which point they were valued at over £4000 – not bad for something pulled out of a skip!

Skip Diving For Treasure:

Like modern-day Wombles, an army of so-called ‘skip divers’ are busy sorting through skips across the UK, making good use of the things that everyday folk leave behind, and making a tidy profit it from it too!

Although maybe not as jaw-droppingly bizarre as old bombs and priceless paintings, it is simply astonishing what people throw away in today’s wasteful society. A quick search online reveals thousands of people who have managed to furnish whole houses with just the things they have pulled from skips, from cupboards to chairs, family computers and even the odd kitchen sink!

Whilst we obviously commend the use of skips to clear away your waste, far too many people seem to forget the central part of ‘reduce reuse recycle’. Often many of the things that we throw away could be reused, either by passing it on to friends and relatives or by donating it to charity. So when you start your spring cleaning, spare a thought for what could be reused, rather than just disposed of.

Skip hire rules and regulations | AMA Skip Hire Blog

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Hiring a skip for your house or flat – rules and regulations around skip hire

When hiring a skip to remove rubbish from your house, flat or even garden, you may be unaware of the environmental and safety regulations surrounding skip hire that may affect you. Our aim is to highlight some of the issues regarding domestic skip hire and what risks you could put yourself and others at, if they are not adhered to.

What can’t be put into a skip?

All persons renting a skip for domestic work are prohibited from putting the following items into a skip:

  • asbestos
  • fridges
  • oil and other accelerants
  • tyres
  • paint
  • pesticides
  • medical and clinical waste

This is by no means an exhaustive list of items, but cover the main areas of waste that are considered to be a risk to public health or environment. If these items are put into your skip, either by accident or fly tipping, the skip hire company may refuse to remove the skip or charge you additionally for removing the toxic waste.

Fly tipping in skips

Fly tipping is an issue you may face whether the skip is kept on private or public land and is something that you should be vigilant about as there were 711,000 incidents of fly tipping last year, costing the UK economy £36.4 million (DEFRA), most of which were domestic waste items.

In the eyes of the law, you are responsible for the waste put into your skip. The illegal practise of fly tipping is dangerous, as you don’t know exactly what has been thrown into the skip, it may also be over filled causing hazards for passers by. To combat this issue, using a cover for your skip if it is kept on site over night may be advisable; alternatively you could invest in a closed skip that can be locked. Both of these solutions would also prevent from any dust or light contents from blowing out of the skip.

Skip licences

If you are intending to keep your skip anywhere which isn’t your own land, you’ll need to gain permission from the relevant person or authority before the skip is delivered.  It is the law for any skip left on a pavement or public highway (e.g. your street) to have a license to be there. The majority of councils allow the skip hire companies to apply for these permits on your behalf, but some require you to do this personally. If this is the case, make sure you organise the permit in advance of your skip being delivered as the license can take a few days to process.

Most licenses require your skip to be kept in the following fashion:

  • Not blocking any pavements or entrance/exits (unless specific permission is granted)
  • Not blocking or covering any utility access points e.g. manhole covers
  • Not placed within 15m of a junction
  • May need a parking suspension if the skip is on yellow lines, or in a pay and display bay

Your skip hire company should be able to help you with these restrictions and advise you on the best place to have the skip positioned, if you are unsure.

Safety requirements for skip hire

There are some important safety aspects which domestic skip users should be aware of, these safety regulations should be carried out by your skip provider, but checking them is always recommended to keep the public safe, not only this but you could be fine £1000 if they are not adhered to!

  • A contact name and phone number of the skip hire company should be clearly marked on the skip in case of an emergency.
  • Reflective markings must surround the edge of the skip
  • Traffic cones must be used to guide the traffic around the skip
  • Night time safety lamps should be used

Just a small amount of research is needed before you choose to hire a skip which may save you a lot of hassle further down the line if something were to go wrong. It is always worth checking with your local authority’s website about the local restrictions on skip hire as they can enforce regulations, for example skips cannot be parked on the highway in Greenwich and Westminster over the Christmas period.

AMA is dedicated to delivering great customer service nationwide.  We have a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you find the right product and service for your needs, and with an 80% recycling rate, we are also dedicated to being environmentally responsible. If you decide that a skip isn’t suitable for your needs, if you live in an area where there is no space for a skip, AMA can offer convenient alternatives such as our Man in a Van service. Call our friendly team today on 0845 4638 437 for more information.

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